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When you are embroiled in conflict, you need objective, unbiased counsel and an adviser who listens. Howard always tries to find a win-win middle ground to resolve conflicts. “Clients need to feel that they can trust their lawyer,” Howard emphasizes. “We’re bound by the highest standards of confidentiality, and we provide a safe haven, a place where people can talk about their problems and share their dreams. That’s why we’re called ‘counsellors-at-law’.”

Howard Copeland underscores the personal satisfaction he gets from tailoring individual strategies for his clients. Landmark outcomes from cases he won many years ago still resonate. “I remember one case in particular, of devoted foster parents seeking to adopt the two-year-old girl they had raised from the day of her birth to dysfunctional parents. The birth parents made no improvement and the foster parents bonded with the child, giving her both love and stability. It was a many-layered, difficult case that required tenacity, in the end, I succeeded with the adoption and have watched the little girl grow into a happy, mature and successful young woman raising two children of her own. Later in my career, I participated in the legislative committee that rewrote the adoption code of Virginia.”

Howard continues. “It’s been my experience, that more often than not, I am able to help people reach an amicable settlement…but fight we will, if fight we must. I am a compassionate but aggressive advocate for my clients.”

Howard also has some words of wisdom for families going through difficult times:

"You may divorce your spouse, but you can never divorce your children. You will see your “Ex” at the kids’ graduations and marriages. Keep the adults problems out of the children’s lives, and try to make contacts pleasant."
"If your marriage is over, let go of it. Learn to be civil... this helps lessen the pain of the situation, and increases the opportunity to reach that win-win solution we seek."
"Don’t sign ANYTHING without first consulting an attorney."
"I will be your champion in the court room, I will prepare your case and you for the contest so that you can approach your day in court with confidence.

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 Howard Copeland is a compassionate Virginia family lawyer who can help you cope with all kinds of family problems or needs, including:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Adoption
  • Emancipation of minors
  • Legal guardianship
  • Foster care
  • Elder care
  • Child visitation
  • Support
  • Division of financial and sentimental assets
  • Adult Guardianship
  • Wills

Howard brings an Informed and Aggressive Approach to Family Law.

When families find themselves in transition or crisis, stress can intensify, as relations that were once intimate and familiar begin to unravel. With emotions running high, objectivity becomes a precious commodity, and it can become difficult to make prudent decisions. This is when you need the services of an experienced family law attorney.

Whether the issues revolve around divorce, child custody, adoption, emancipation of minors, legal guardianship, foster or elder care, your key to success is to find a seasoned attorney with diverse family law skills. Not only should that attorney have an in-depth knowledge of current trends in family law, but should be an excellent litigator who is compassionate, who understands and knows how to cope with the complex web of issues that often accompany what may seem, at first glance, to be a simple divorce or custody case. For example, most divorce cases involve issues of child visitation, child custody, division of financial and sentimental assets, or child support – even who gets the pets!

Howard Copeland has been practicing law in Virginia since 1973, and though he has a well-established general practice, the bulk of his current practice is in the area of family law. Not only is Howard an exceptionally experienced lawyer and a former state legislator as a 15-year member of the Virginia House of Delegates, he is also a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard who has a special understanding of the pressures and anxieties unique to military families. Howard knows both the law and emotions of dealing with such sensitive issues as spousal support and division of homes and military retirement benefits.

Howard explains. “My job is to help people navigate troubled waters…to help them sort out what they want to do, and chart a course to achieve those goals. I handle a great many divorce and child custody cases, and it is important that people understand the implications of the legal documents they may be asked to sign. So often a spouse is asked to sign a sheaf of documents that have been drawn up by the legal counsel hired by their estranged partner. He or she may feel pressured to sign, or they may be so worn down by the situation that they just want to ‘get it over with’ so that they can move on. That is a course for disaster. Remember, once documents are signed, it’s almost impossible to get out of the agreements they include. These legal documents may contain confusing phrases and ‘legalese.”
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